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Whether your home is modern or traditional, Loggia will enhance your property and complement it perfectly.

It can even be added as a standalone feature building, such as an office or contemporary living space. Unlike conventional conservatories, it also comes in its own distinctive Loggia colour palette of classic white, pure cream, urban grey and landmark green.

A design masterstroke which provides you with total flexibility, raising the possibility of complete harmonisation with your property, or accentuating the difference with your prevailing colour scheme.

The Loggia advanced roof and window glazing possesses excellent U-values, making it warmer and cosier in the winter (at typically half the cost of heating a conventional conservatory) and cooler in the summer, so you can use your Loggia all year round.

And even the amount of light and sky you’ll enjoy is down to you – to create the room of your dreams, you can choose from floor to ceiling glazing panels, or windows combined with low walls. You’ll also find that because of its ingenious construction, your Loggia can be built within a much shorter timeframe than you might expect, with no compromise on quality.